May 28, 2023


Myocarditis Babies, Bioweapon Foods, Band-aid + Pill Vaccines

Welcome back to ‘This Week,’ a CHD.TV program with Mary Holland and Polly Tommey in which viewers hear an explanation of major news stories and important technological developments, concerning public health. Be sure to tune in to this episode for details on vaccine manufacturing, chronic disease rates, food as a bioweapon, robot dogs and more.

*The opinions expressed by the hosts and guests in this show are not necessarily the views of Children’s Health Defense.

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A Tribute to Dr. Rashid Buttar - a 'Medical Maverick'

Exclusive: New Evidence FDA, CDC Hid Early Data on Myocarditis Spurs Questions of 'Criminal Coverup'

First COVID Vaccine Injury Lawsuit in U.S. Targets U.S. Government, Social Media Giants

BREAKING: In Surprise Move, New York Says It Will End COVID Vaccine Mandate for Healthcare Workers

Cotton Warns New CDC Vaccine Schedule Including COVID Jab Could Lead to School Vaccine Mandates + More

Baby Dies and Nine More Admitted to Hospital in 'Unusual' Cluster of Heart Infections | The Telegraph

World ‘Should Be Prepared for a Disease Even Deadlier Than COVID' | The Daily Mail

CDC Issues Monkeypox Alert, Recommends Two Doses of Vaccine Despite Questions About Efficacy

'The Real RFK Jr.': New Book Chronicles Kennedy's Path to Leading Medical Freedom Champion

Parents' Mistrust of HPV Vaccine May Be Growing + More

UPDATE: One Last Step for AB 659: Bill Amendment Needed To Clarify That HPV Vaccination IS NOT MANDATORY!!

Mechanical 'Robotic' Pill Would Deliver mRNA Vaccines Directly Into Stomach Lining

'Sad Day for Babies and Mums': FDA Panel Recommends Pfizer's RSV Vaccine for Pregnant Women

If Bird Flu Starts to Spread Among People, Existing Vaccines May Be Inadequate, Experts Say + More

Trial of Gates-Funded Vaccine Patch for Infants 'Successful,' Company Says

Are Foods Being Turned Into Bioweapons?

Venmo Teen Accounts Coming Next Month, Despite Privacy Concerns + More

Los Angeles Approves $278,000 Robot Police Dog Despite 'Grave Concerns' + More

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