Jul 6, 2023


Meetings to Watch This Summer

Don’t grow complacent, keep your eyes peeled and stay focused — the fight for personal freedoms continues. Catherine Austin Fitts and Carolyn Betts outline important global events scheduled to take place that could impact our finances, and ultimately, our health. Listen in!

*The opinions expressed by the hosts and guests in this show are not necessarily the views of Children’s Health Defense.

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‘Mysterious’ Brain Disorder Strikes Hundreds - And Cases Are Increasing

Moderna Strikes Deal to Develop mRNA Drugs in China + More

Rare Link Between Coronavirus Vaccines and Long Covid–Like Illness Starts to Gain Acceptance

May 18-21 2023 | Topics at Bilderberg meeting

The Bilderberg Group Met In France LIB 19-4-74

June 27–29 2023 | Annual Meeting of the New Champions

Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2023 | World Economic Forum

Third Steering Committee: Public Health and Emergency Workforce Roadmap | WHO 6 – 7 July 2023 Rome, Italy

2021 Declaration of the G20 Health Ministers

Who Sessions at the International Health Economics Association Conference 2023

IHEA 2023 Updates

NATO Summit Media Advisory 2 | Vilnius, Lithuania | July 11-12, 2023

Blast From the Past: Bohemian Grove Underway!

Meeting Calendars and Information | The Federal Reserve Board of Governors in Washington D.C.

Monetary Policy Summary and Minutes of the Monetary Policy Committee Meeting | Bank of England

How Long Will the Dollar Last as the World’s Default Currency? The Brics Nations Are Gathering in South Africa This August With It on the Agenda

Jackson Hole Economic Symposium

G20 Leaders' Summit, New Delhi

78th Session of the UN General Assembly (UNGA 78) | Sept. 5, 2023

Federal Open Market Committee

Regional Committee of WHO for the Americas: Seventy-Fourth Session | 26 – 30 September 2022 Washington D.C.

Monetary Policy by Year

Budget of the U.S. Government | Fiscal Year 2024

The Solari Report

International Lawyers Versus the WHO | James Roguski's Substack

Financial Transaction Freedom | Solari Report

I Want to Stop CBDCs – What Can I Do? | Solari

10 Practical Steps to Stop Implementation of CBDCs

"Never Say Die" with Dr. Naomi Wolf | Solari Report

Not Dead Yet | Outspoken with Dr. Naomi Wolf

Daily Clout | Dr. Naomi Wolf

‘The Bodies of Others: The New Authoritarians, COVID-19 and The War Against the Human’ by Dr. Naomi Wolf

“Never Say Die” with Dr. Naomi Wolf | Solari

A Brief History of the Financial Coup D'etat

A Brief History of the Financial Coup D'etat Part 2

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