Jan 28, 2024


Measles Mania | This Week With Mary + Polly

“Truly absurd…what we’re living through right now,” says Mary Holland in this episode of ‘This Week.’ She and Polly Tommey discuss measles, pandemic policies, “threatening” and “predatory” minor consent laws, malaria vaccines, “extremely toxic” COVID shots, Canadian truckers, home gardening and more. Don’t miss this exciting, jam-packed show!

*The opinions expressed by the hosts and guests in this show are not necessarily the views of Children’s Health Defense.

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Amidst Ongoing Global Crises, Gates Foundation Announces Largest Budget Ever

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CHD, Parents Take on Philadelphia Health Officials in Bid to Overturn Law Allowing Kids to Get Vaccines Without Parents' Consent

CHD Sues Philadelphia Over Law Allowing 11-Year-Olds to Consent to Vaccines Without Parents' Consent

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'Malicious Prosecution': Lawyers for Dr. Meryl Nass Allege Maine Medical Board Violated Nass' First Amendment Rights

Some Vaccine Types Linked to Increased Risk of Other Infections

Cancer Is Striking More Young People, and Doctors Are Alarmed and Baffled - WSJ

Cameroon starts world's first malaria vaccine program for children

U.S. Government Still Requires COVID Shots for Legal Immigrants - Even Kids

Jamie Dornan Rushed to Hospital Due to Toxic Caterpillars

128 Pregnant Women, 25 Tots Under Age 2 Given Wrong RSV Vaccines, CDC Says

Davos Leaders Sing Praises of GMO Soil Microbes, But Critics Warn of 'Irreparable Consequences'

Carbon footprint of homegrown food five times greater than those grown conventionally

WEF Roundup: Digital IDs Can Track the Unvaccinated, AI Can Speed Up Development of New Vaccines

Canadian Truckers Score Big Victory Over Trudeau in Federal Court

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