Apr 4, 2024

Growing Farmers

Modern agriculture is often blamed for environmental ills, and there is no doubt as to whether industrial farming does more harm than good. Some claim the solution is to put an end to the raising of pastured animals and traditional crop production — claiming superiority in eating crickets, lab-grown meat and GMO salads. But is there a better way? Can we hold true to the practices of those who have come before us, respecting the land we rely upon for food and water, while navigating 21st century demands?

Joel Salatin’s approach to farming is called ‘regenerative,’ and that’s exactly what it is — relying and respecting the earth, all the while yielding an enduring, substantial harvest. He joins ‘Financial Rebellion’ to demonstrate his methodology and share ideas for generational involvement in the production of food. Dig in!

Plus...Donna Myers has a vaccine injury account to share, today, on CHD.TV. She was vaccinated for hepatitis while working as a schoolteacher and told it would protect her from potential exposure to blood from working with children. Life for Donna has never been the same, since. Find out the details in this video.

*The opinions expressed by the hosts and guests in this show are not necessarily the views of Children’s Health Defense.

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