Mar 18, 2024


Faking Results in Clinical Trials

There are contradicting and oftentimes unclear narratives it comes to warnings of ‘Disease X,’ trustworthiness of medical products and the globalists’ plotting over pandemic prevention, preparedness and response. When hearing buzz- words and phrases, such as ‘IHR amendments,’ ‘One Health,’ ‘equity,’ ‘governance,’ ‘multilateralism’ and ‘information dissemination,’ the public is left in murky waters. Furthermore, the media downplays and provides outright false information about the safety, efficacy and implications of past, present and future ‘healthcare’ measures. Rather than shying away from this multifaceted and contentious topic, it is a humanity-wide responsibility to dig deeper into the information provided and weigh the risks and benefits of implementing such strategies. Meryl Nass and her guest on ‘Good Morning CHD,’ Madhava Setty provide context for the global health initiative, and unlike many of the players funding and funded by them, these two come to the table with no strings attached.

In this eye-opening episode, they answer questions, such as:

  • Could the WHO obtain authority to censor American speech?
  • What kinds of restrictions over travel and exploitation of private information already exist?
  • Is there a chance that such measures become obligatory?
  • How many nation-states are in support of the disputed documents?
  • When faced with a future public health threat, who determines whether it is an emergency?
  • Does the average person have any ability to vocalize their opinions and dissensions to those making decisions?
  • Can something be done to protect personal freedoms, rights and liberties?

*The opinions expressed by the hosts and guests in this show are not necessarily the views of Children’s Health Defense.

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