Dec 6, 2023


Controligarchs: Exposing the Billionaire Class With Seamus Bruner

Today’s ‘Defender In-Depth’ interview is one that viewers won’t want to miss! Hear from guest Seamus Bruner as he discusses the oligarchic to ‘philanthropic’ pipeline, examining elitists such as Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, Henry Kissinger, George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos and more. Investigative journalist Seamus Bruner—who led the teams whose findings sparked multiple FBI investigations and congressional probes into the Clintons and the Bidens—exposes the billionaires who control the levers of power that dominate every aspect of your life.

*The opinions expressed by the hosts and guests in this show are not necessarily the views of Children’s Health Defense.

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Seamus Bruner

The Government Accountability Institute

Controligarchs - a book by Seamus Bruner

Exclusive: Author of ‘Controligarchs’ Exposes ‘Billionaire Class, their Secret Deals, and the Globalist Plot to Dominate Your Life’

Bill Gates Promotes ‘Net Zero’ as Climate Fix — Critics Call It a ‘Financial Scam’

‘Grave Mistake’: Seed Patents Endanger Small Farmers, Threaten Food Security

House Republicans Help Dems Preserve ‘Kill Switch’ Mandate That Could Shut Down Your Car

Climate and disease in numbers: six ways in which our health is at risk from global warming

WHO Gets 20% Budget Increase to Help Address 'Disease X' and 'Emergencies of all Kinds'

Alexander Soros Takes Control of His Father’s $25B Philanthropic Empire

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, by Klaus Schwab

Special Studies Project

The Limits to Growth - Club of Rome

The Limits to Growth | Dartmouth Library

Anti-Fertility Vaccines

Tracking System of Human Beings, Animals or Objects | Google Patents

Human Detection and Tracking for Security Applications | Google Patents

Electronic Monitoring | The GEO Group, Inc.

Securus Monitoring

COVID-19: The Great Reset

The Great Reset | Launch session 3 June 2020

Read Yuval Harari's Blistering Warning to Davos in Full

Insect Farming: Are Maggots on Your Menu?

Bill Gates Predicts mRNA Will Be a Game Changer for Vaccines Over Next 5 Years

World’s First Vaccine Murder Case Against Bill Gates, Adar Poonawalla Filed in India’s High Court

Court Orders Bill Gates, Indian Government to Respond to Lawsuit Filed by Family of Woman Who Died After AstraZeneca Vaccine

Bill Gates, Indian Government Targeted in Lawsuit Alleging AstraZeneca Vaccine Killed 23-Year-Old

The Build Back Better Framework | The White House

We are the Inter-American Development Bank

ID 2020

ID2020 and partners launch program to provide digital ID with vaccines

Reimagining Digital ID | WEF June 2023

Bill Gates Warns Australia To Prepare for the Next Pandemic - Which Could Be Man-Made and Far More Brutal Than COVID

Gates and Fauci Back Down on Vaccine Promises

As Monkeypox Cases Spread, Report Shows Gates Foundation, WHO, Pharma Execs Took Part in Monkeypox Pandemic ‘Simulation’

RFK Jr. Interviews Investigative Journalist Whitney Webb on the ‘Deliberate Coverup’ of Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein’s Relationship + More

Tabletop Exercise: Event 201

Center for Digital Public Infrastructure

Unique Identification Authority of India

Digital Public Goods

50 in 5

11 'First-Mover' Countries Launch 50-in-5 Campaign to Accelerate Digital Public Infrastructure Adoption around the World

Rockefeller Foundation, Nonprofits Spending Millions on Behavioral Psychology Research to ‘Nudge’ More People to Get COVID Vaccines

Rockefeller Foundation 'Reset the Table' Report Predicted COVID-Related Food Crisis - 2 Years Before It Happened

Rockefeller University Awarded $27 Million NIH Grant to Fund Clinical and Translational Science

The Rockefeller University Center for Clinical and Translational Science

At the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, 1925-1938

Serum Institute Of India Partners With The Gates Foundation For Manufacturing 100 Million Doses Of COVID-19 Vaccine

Bill Gates visits Serum Institute, meets vaccine hero Poonawalla

BMGF: Serum Institute of India

From Hookworm to Yellow Fever: Rockefeller Foundation, 1919-1927

The Rockefeller Foundation’s Agriculture Program in India

An Unintended Race

The Rockefeller Foundation and State Department Host: The Vision for Adapted Crops and Soils: Global Solutions for Food Security

The Rockefeller Foundation' | Our Work: Food

The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research

Justice Department Files Antitrust Suit Against Microsoft for Unlawfully Monopolizing Computer Software Markets

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