Apr 10, 2024

Bird Flu: What You Need to Know

‘Disease X,’ or rather ‘the next pandemic’ — what will it be? Some warn it could be the bird flu, but only time will tell. Host of ‘Defender In-Depth,’ Michael Nevradakis, welcomes on this week’s guest, Dr. Richard Bartlett, for an engaging conversation about future outbreaks, the bioweapons industry and zoonotic pathogens. Tune in to CHD.TV to catch the episode!

*The opinions expressed by the hosts and guests in this show are not necessarily the views of Children’s Health Defense.


'Shocking Cover-up': DOJ Lawyers Committed Fraud in Vaccine Injury Case, CHD Attorney Alleges in Motion Filed Today

'Huge Win': Court Rules Big Telecom Must Comply With State Environmental Laws

Multiple Deaths, Thousands of Cardiac Injuries Reported to V-safe, Latest Data Dump Reveals

U.S. Surgeon General Quietly Backpedaled on Water Fluoridation 5 Years Ago, Emails Reveal

Moderna Developing mRNA Vaccines for Diseases Linked to COVID Shots

'Misinformation Expert' Who Attacked Doctors During COVID Apologizes for Some - But Not All - Comments

CDC - Avian Flu Press Release

‘This Could Be 100 Times Worse Than Covid’: Bird Flu Warning | Daily Mail

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What the CDC Is Doing to Monitor and Protect Against Bird Flu | NPR

Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Detected in Texas and Kansas Dairy Herds | TX Animal Health Commission

First New U.S. Case of Human Bird Flu Confirmed in Colorado Prison | PBS

Vietnam Reports Its First Human Infection From H9 Avian Flu Virus | Cidrap

Is h9N2 Avian Influenza Virus a Pandemic Potential? | NIH

Avian Influenza Virus Infections. I. Characteristics of Influenza A-Turkey-Wisconsin-1966 Virus - PubMed

Reported Human Infections of H9N2 Avian Influenza Virus in China in 2021 | Frontiers

The Great Bird Flu Scare is Back | Dossier

Jeffrey Tucker | X

The Great Bird Flu Hoax: The Truth They Don't Want You to Know About the 'Next Big Pandemic' | Book

Vaccines Underway for All 9 of W.H.O.'s 'Epidemic Potential' Diseases-Is Bird Flu 'Disease X'? | Jon Fleetwood

FDA Approves Experimental H5N1 Bird Flu Vaccine with Reactive AS03 Adjuvant for U.S. Stockpile | NVIC

CSL Seqirus

Characterization of MDCK Cells and Evaluation of Their Ability To Respond To Infectious and Non-Infectious Stressors

H5N1 Vaccine Insert | FDA

[Structure and Function of the Hemagglutinin of Influenza Viruses] - PubMed

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Marks Confident in Bird Flu Vaccine Stockpile | Politico

WCW INVESTIGATION: $1M USDA-CCP Program Souping Up Bird Flu with Wuhan Experimenter; Sen. Ernst Demands Answers

Fauci Tried to Hide U.S. Funding of Bioweapons Research, But China Openly Bragged About 'New Era of Genetic Weapons'

Is Bird Flu Being Weaponized? | Organic Consumers

Fouchier Study Reveals Changes Enabling Airborne Spread of H5N1 | Cidrap

Families of COVID Victims Sue EcoHealth Alliance Alleging Gain-of-Function Research Caused 'Undue Risk' and 'Harm'

Virus Hunter Peter Daszak Wanted to Keep COVID Sequencing Data Hidden From Public

Fauci, Other 'Bethesda Boys' Colluded to Suppress COVID Lab-Leak Theory, U.S. House Committee Report Finds

H5N1 Bird Flu Detected in Antarctica Right Next to U.S. Biolab After USDA Performs Risky Gain-of-Function Experiments On and Develops Vaccine For Same Virus | Jon Fleetwood

Treaty 'Loophole' Allows World Governments to Develop Deadly Bioweapons Like COVID and Corresponding Vaccines: Yale Professor (Video) | Jon Fleetwood

Thomas Massie | X

Trump-Era Executive Order 13887 Authorized U.S. Defense Department to 'Facilitate Development of Next-Generation Influenza Vaccines' Just 3 Months Before COVID Pandemic | Jon Fleetwood

DCPD-201900631 - Executive Order 13887-Modernizing Influenza Vaccines in the United States To Promote National Security and Public Health

Biden Signs Into Law Spending Bill That Could Apply Over $1 Billion to Future Bird Flu Pandemic: Doctor Says 'Bioweapon Event' Could Be Imminent | Jon Fleetwood

Gov't Spending Bill Gives $315,000,000 for Future 'Influenza Pandemic' Involving Virus It's Been Making More Contagious and Deadly: H5N1 Bird Flu | Jon Fleetwood

U.S. Gov't Is Making a Vaccine for a Virus It Also Happens to Be Making More Deadly: Bird Flu | Jon Fleetwood

Media Hypes Bird Flu as 'Next Pandemic' After JonFleetwood.com Reveals U.S. Gov't Is Simultaneously Conducting Gain-Of-Function Experiments and Vaccine Development on Same Virus | Jon Fleetwood


Moderna Announces Award from U.S. Government Agency BARDA for up to $483 Million to Accelerate Development of mRNA Vaccine (mRNA-1273) Against Novel Coronavirus | ModernaTX

Vaccines Underway for All 9 of W.H.O.'s 'Epidemic Potential' Diseases-Is Bird Flu 'Disease X'? | Jon Fleetwood

'Disease X Act of 2023' Introduced to Develop New 'Medical Countermeasures for Viral Threats with Pandemic Potential' Through BARDA Agency that Funded COVID Jabs: U.S. House of Representatives | Jon Fleetwood

H.R.3832 - Disease X Act of 2023

Prioritizing Diseases for Research and Development in Emergency Contexts | WHO

'Trustees of the Future'? WEF Members Meet in Davos to Warn of Looming 'Disease X' Disaster

WHO Gets 20% Budget Increase to Help Address 'Disease X' and 'Emergencies of all Kinds'

Revised Draft of the Negotiating Text of the WHO Pandemic Agreement

'Misleading' Letter Urges Support for Pandemic Treaty, as Louisiana Becomes First U.S. State to Reject WHO Power Grab

Representative Lori Trahan | U.S. Congress

As Media Hypes Bird Flu-Infected Cows, Bird Flu Vaccine Discovered to Contain Neurotoxin Mercury, Dog DNA, Cancer-Causing Chemicals: FDA Package Insert

The Science: Yale's Prof. Harvey Risch Surveys Wreckage of Pandemic Policies

COVID Cover-Up: Government 'Forced' COVID Vaccines to Protect Bioweapons Industry

'No Doubt' Fauci Funded Gain-of-Function Research That Likely Led to Pandemic, Former CDC Director Tells Lawmakers

SARS-CoV-2 'Never Existed in the Natural World' - and FBI Knew of Possible Lab Leak in March 2020

One Health: A Plan to 'Surveil and Control Every Aspect of Life on Earth'?

'One Health': What Is It, Who's Promoting It - and Why?

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