Jul 30, 2023


Big Victory For CHD + The People's Study Bus Launches

Speaking of censorship of free speech, Mary Holland states, “If we don’t have access to truthful information, then it’s all over.” She also, in conversation with Polly Tommey, discusses clinical trial data, solar radiation modification and the CHD Bus Tour. Tune in!

*The opinions expressed by the hosts and guests in this show are not necessarily the views of Children’s Health Defense.

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'Big Victory': CHD Lawsuit Alleging Key Biden Officials Colluded With Tech Giants to Censor Free Speech Consolidated With Missouri Censorship Case

Deny, Deflect, Defend: How the Censorship Regime Works

Lawmakers Introduce Free Speech Protection Act to Curb Government Censorship

Revealed: Dark Money Funders Behind 'Disinformation Dozen' Report

'Serious Doubt' About COVID Vaccine Safety After Forced Release of 15,000 Pages of Clinical Trial Data + More

1 in 6 Kids Haven't Gotten All of Their Vaccines. Why? | US News

Study Showing 13% of Kids Have 2 or More Allergy-Related Conditions Overlooks Role of Aluminum and Vaccines

10 Problems With Vaccines - and 10 Solutions

Lawmakers Torpedo Amendment to Force Airlines to Rehire Pilots Fired for Refusing COVID Shots

FDA Approves New Anthrax Vaccine for Adults Despite Lack of Publicly Available Information on Testing, Ingredients

What's in New Anthrax Vaccine? Aluminum, Formaldehyde and Benzethonium Chloride

Everything you need to know about the HPV vaccine | Gavi

CHD Sues Los Angeles Over Refusal to Release 'Smart City' Documents

Researchers are developing injectable 'smart tattoos' that could someday monitor your health | CNN

mRNA in Your Steak? 'We Don't Know the Long-term Effects.'

Feds Have a Plan to Block the Sun - What Are the Risks?

1.3 Billion People Will Have Diabetes by 2050, Scientists Project

New UNL study: Microwaving plastic baby food pouches releases billions of particles | KLKN TV

Spend a Day with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Learn the Art of Falconry

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