Oct 16, 2023

Worse Than the Virus? Bacterial DNA + Other Contaminants Found in COVID Shots Pose Significant Carcinogenic Risk

Independent scientists have shockingly discovered undisclosed bacterial DNA (plasmids) + three crucial sequence elements from the SV40 oncogenic virus inside @Pfizer BioNTech COVID mRNA vials disseminated for public use.

Biochemist + Immunologist @JesslovesMJK warned #CHDTV, “If you get integration of a foreign piece of DNA, and that gets integrated into another gene, you could disrupt that gene. And if that gene is important, you’re in trouble.”

“Cancers that were once silent were just coming back after the shots,” observed Rose. “We’re seeing not only an uptick in absolute count of cancers as compared to the past, we’re seeing a real rarity, like real broad range of rare cancers.”

“If you insert these various components in various places into the genome, it’s going to mess things up.”

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