May 15, 2024

WHO WATCH: Webinar - Emergency Management | May 16

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‘As the global community grappled with the pandemic's multifaceted challenges, it became evident that the concept of seamlessly integrating health systems with health security remains, to a considerable extent, uncharted.

‘WHO published a Health Systems for Health Security framework, which serves as a guide to countries, donors and other stakeholders, to harmoniously bring together efforts to strengthen resources and capacities required for implementation of the International Health Regulations (2005), components in health systems and those in other sectors for effective management of health emergencies, while maintaining the continuity of essential health services.

‘The HSforHS framework was implemented in Sri Lanka in September 2023. Objectives

‘Within this context, this webinar will focus on operationalization of the health systems for health security framework from global, and country levels, emphasizing the pivotal role that health systems play in achieving and maintaining health security.

‘It will also highlight Sri Lanka's experiences in prevent, preparedness, response and recovery from health emergencies, particularly address the outcomes from the implementation of HSforHS framework.

‘Through this, it calls for wide implementation of WHO’s Health Systems for Health Security Framework.’

Tentative agenda and Speakers:

  • Introduction: Lina Yu
  • Opening remarks: Dr Stella Chungong, Director, Health Security Preparedness Department, WHO
  • Overview on HSforHS framework and its implementation guide: Dr. Nirmal Kandel, Unit head, Evidence and Analytics for Health Security Unit, HSP, WHO


  • Moderated by Dr Nirmal Kandel
  • Dr Alaka Singh, WHO Representative in Sri Lanka
  • Dr S Sridharan, DDG, planning, MoH, Sri Lanka)
  • A/Prof. Marc Ho, I.e.Lead (Pandemic Preparedness), Asia Centre for Health Security

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