May 5, 2024

WHO WATCH: Public Health Risk of Avian Influenza A(h5n1) Detected Recently in Dairy Cattle | May 6


‘The highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) A(H5N1) clade of viruses which arose in 2020 from previously circulating influenza A(H5Nx) viruses led to unprecedented numbers of deaths in wild birds and in domestic poultry. It spread globally and has been reported in non-avian species including , and most recently in dairy cattle. This has led to widespread concern. On 24th April 2024, WHO, FAO and WOAH published a joint risk assessment. This EPI-WIN webinar will explain the public health risks of the recent avian influenza detected in dairy cattle.

Tentative agenda:

Moderator –

  • Dr Wenqing Zhang, Head, Coordinator, Global Influenza Programme (GIP)

WHO Opening remarks

  • Dr Maria Van Kerkhove, Director a.i., Epidemic and Pandemic Prevention and Preparedness (EPP)


  • Dr Aspen Hammond, Technical Officer, GIP
  • Dr Moez Sanaa, Unit Head, Standard and Scientific Advice on Food Nutrition, WHO


  • Dr Magdi Samaan, GIP, WHO
  • Dr David Swayne, Influenza Veterinarian, USA
  • Dr Mia Torchetti, USDA, USA
  • Dr Richard Webby, WHO CC, St Jude Children’s Hospital, USA
  • Dr Charles (Todd) Davis, CDC

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