May 29, 2024

Committee B, 1 | WHA77

  • Item 19

Opening of the Committee4

  • Item 21 (Pillar 4)

Agenda sub-items under item 21 will be taken together: Budget and financial matters

  • Item 21.1

Results Report 2023 (Programme budget 2022–2023: performance assessment) and Financial report and audited financial statements for the year ended 31 December 2023 Documents A77/19, A77/20 and A77/INF./2

  • Item 21.2

Scale of assessments 2025–2026 (proposed for deletion)

  • Item 21.3

Status of collection of assessed contributions, including Member States in arrears in the payment of their contributions to an extent that would justify invoking Article 7 of the Constitution Document A77/21

  • Item 21.4

Special arrangements for settlement of arrears [if any]

  • Item 21.5

Assessment of new Members and Associate Members [if any]

  • Item 21.6

Amendments to the Financial Regulations and Financial Rules [if any]

  • Item 22 (Pillar 4)

Agenda sub-items 22.1, 22.2 & 22.3 will be taken together: Audit and oversight matters

  • Item 22.1

Report of the External Auditor Document A77/22

  • Item 22.2

Report of the Internal Auditor Document A77/23

  • Item 22.3

External and internal audit recommendations: progress on implementation Document A77/24

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