Unite for Freedom Rally — London June 26th

Unite for Freedom Rally — London June 26th

Attended by the following groups — World Freedom Alliance, Save Our Rights, Event 202, Guardians 300, Footsoldiers for Freedom, Stop New Normal, Earth United, Official Voice, Stand Up X, Fight for the Kids and many other freedom-fighting organizations in the UK.

The London event on May 29, 2021 was estimated to have been attended by between 1 to 1.5 million people, joyously marching through central London for our freedoms — this time, it will be bigger.

Children's Health Defence spoke with Dr. Tess Lawrie and Professor Dolores Cahill in May, and we hope to bring you more interviews on Saturday.

Join us at the march as we share with you the events as they unfold. The nation is stirring! London is rising!