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‘Trusting The Government Killed My Husband’

Oct 20, 2023

Liz Brown and her husband, Dan, had consistently heard that the COVID vaccine was “safe and effective.” They had persistently been told that they needed to get the shot in order to save lives. “We trusted in that fact. And that’s what ultimately killed my husband.”

Dan received one Pfizer shot, and less than a week later, Liz could tell something was wrong. “He was repeating the same sentence over and over again. ‘I’m just getting ready for work. I’m just getting ready for work. We bring him to the hospital and he wasn’t recollecting the year, president, things like that,” says Liz. He was released the next day and was told there would be no issue with getting the second Pfizer shot.

Once again, less than a week after receiving the second shot, he started showing signs of reaction. He was hospitalized again, this time for 66 days. He was finally diagnosed with HLH, and was once again sent home. However, was back in the hospital soon due to worsening conditions and was intubated. Before being able to receive a blood transfusion from his unvaccinated son, Dan passed away in the early hours of the morning, one of the very few moments of the day when Liz was not with him.

Liz says she still has deep anger in her toward the government and Pfizer, as studies since have shown they knew the possible side effects of the vaccine, one of which was HLH. “Who decided to make this vaccine look good? When they knew, very well, that it wasn’t.”

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