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The Difficulties Of Being An Activist In Seattle

Apr 17, 2024

This activist appears on CHD.TV to share her thoughts on “free speech, censorship and how voiceless it is to be a loud, proud freedom activist.” Her story begins with a descriptive illustration of being injected with a vaccine as a child. She believes the injuries sustained from this immunization left her “disabled, unable to work and in the system.” The wake of the COVID pandemic pushed her already-dynamic advocacy efforts even further, but she often feels like the sole voice in the battle cry, despite the vital importance of the cause: “Without a freedom movement, here, we have no safety.” Her account is one of strength, bravery, empowerment and determination — with an endurance and ambition that is truly unmatched. Will you join in the fight for medical freedom — the strife this woman has undergone for many years?

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