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“One HPV Vaccine Killed My Son”

Aug 16, 2023

Christopher went to the doctor for a sports physical at 14 years old, where he was given the Gardasil HPV vaccination after being told it would prevent his future wife from getting cancer.

Soon, Christopher complained of headaches and exhaustion. Only a few days later, he was in the hospital, barely able to communicate. His brain and spinal cord had swelled, and he was diagnosed with acute disseminated encephalomyelitis. Neurologists said they were positive it was because of the HPV vaccine.

Less than two months after receiving the vaccine, Christopher lost his life.

“We need to be researching not only this,” says mom, Destiny Maynard, “but every single thing that goes through our body.”

Christopher’s photograph has been placed in memoriam at the front of the CHD Bus.

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