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‘My Life Will Never Be the Same Again’

Sep 13, 2023

‘My Life Will Never Be the Same Again’

When Gary Adams was told by medical professionals that relief from his long-haul COVID symptoms was possible by receiving the COVID vaccine, the thought of freedom from his brain fog and fatigue outweighed the possibility of a vaccine-induced injury.

“My gut was telling me ‘No, don’t do it.’ But then my body was wanting relief from those side effects,” lamented Gary.

After receiving his vaccination, Gary battled the “typical” flu-like symptoms, which quickly began to escalate. “My knees started buckling. I couldn’t make any decisions. I could barely even talk to tell my story,” recalled Gary. “My wife and kids pretty much became my caregivers overnight.”

Four days after being admitted into the hospital with these side effects, Gary’s doctors were still unable to diagnose his symptoms. Finally, they concluded that it must be anxiety or depression causing his dizziness, confusion, and light and sound sensitivity. According to Gary, they prescribed him a concoction of medicines that only worsened his symptoms.

With every day that passes, Gary actively regrets his decision to get the Pfizer vaccine. While he was able to visit an occupational therapist for some of his symptoms, he still lives with the repercussions of receiving a “safe and effective” vaccine.

“It’s flipped my life upside down. It’s taken my health. It’s taken my soul, hope, and lost faith.”

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