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I Ended up in The ER 5 Times #pfizer #injury #PA #chdbus

Sep 11, 2023

Bri Fox had been a registered nurse for nearly 17 years when her career in medicine tragically came to an end after receiving two doses of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine.

“We were asked and emailed daily to get the vaccine,” Fox told #CHDTV. Within 10 minutes of receiving her second Pfizer shot, she knew something was wrong. She developed hives and her face went numb before her arms and legs ultimately gave out. She was admitted to the ER by other medical staff.

In the months that followed, her health continued to decline. One morning, she knew something wasn’t right and checked her blood pressure as the feeling worsened. “It was 70/30 … As a nurse, you know that if blood pressure is 70/30, the next step is CPR.” Bri recalls as she was lying on the floor, “I thought I was going to die in front of my four-year-old. I thought this would be the last time she’d see her mom.”

Bri was later diagnosed with POTS, which a neurologist informed her is a common diagnosis among women her age after COVID and the COVID vaccine.

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