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Exclusive: My Nerves Feel Like ‘Frayed Wires’: Guillain-Barré Following Pfizer COVID Vaccination

Aug 28, 2023

‘Pfizer Gave Me Guillain-Barré syndrome’

Emily Edwards got the Pfizer COVID vaccine because she was over 65, and her husband had just had a severe case of COVID. Both her and her husband, Fred, felt that they were at-risk, so they each received one dose. At first, they both had slight fever, which was supposedly normal and to be expected. Soon, Emily started having issues with her hearing, vision, and mobility. Not long after that, she collapsed and was unable to get up. After going to multiple hospitals to find answers, a neurologist figured out the cause of Emily’s problems.

“I think you have Guillain-Barré, and it comes from that vaccine.” Emily has spent the years since receiving the vaccine working on gaining her mobility back, though she said her nervous system is still frayed. “It’s like when you take the casing off of a cable and all the wires fray out. That’s what my nerves are like.” Emily’s husband Fred has also had numerous health complications, including severe heart issues, since receiving the vaccination.

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