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Cardiology Tech Collapses With Convulsions Minutes After Pfizer Shot

Sep 21, 2023

Cardiology Tech Describes Collapsing With Convulsions Minutes After Pfizer Shot

“She injected me. Five minutes later, I was on the floor, convulsing.” Helen was initially skeptical of the vaccine roll-out due to lack of research. “I want to wait for more studies to come out”. However, Helene experienced “family pressure” to get vaccinated. “It felt like either I chose my family or what I believed about the vaccine, and I chose my family. And it almost killed me.” Helene’s neurological reaction from her first Pfizer shot has still not healed, two years later. Helen is unable to work consistently as a Cardiology Technician / EMT.

Helene describes her reaction as going “in and out of convulsions” and going into a “palsy”.

“I still can't smile…fully on… the left side.”

“Some people are not going to believe, some people will be very angry with this … But I think just talking to people, staying open … this is going on and we can have real conversations about this.”

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