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5 Months After Moderna I Have Cancer

Dec 9, 2023

“Cancer pretty much destroyed my life,” but prior to getting a Moderna COVID booster, Dawn claims she was cancer-free. But that isn’t the only startling part of her CHD Bus account. Dawn also exposes the reality of what was taking place inside the hospital she worked at, prior to her diagnosis:

  • Managers “hiding” masks in offices, while claims of shortages were perpetuated
  • 3-week intervals of wearing “the same N-95 mask”
  • Being personally blamed for getting COVID
  • Rather than testing, receiving a “viral syndrome” label and having to take vacation time
  • Feeling “bullied into taking the vaccinations”

Then, told by medical staff that she had “the most aggressive cancer they had seen,” Dawn logged:

  • “Over 120 hours of chemotherapy”
  • “90 sessions of radiation”
  • More than “40 days” worth of hospital stays

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