Jun 9, 2023

Taxpayer-Funded Grant Nudges Doctors to Coerce Patients to Receive HPV Vaccines

CHD found, via a FOIA request, that researchers at UNC received a $4.7 grant from the NIH and NCI to determine the best way to increase HPV vaccine uptake.

Researchers concluded bullying is the best strategy.

Instead of having open-ended conversations as to whether or not families wanted their children to be vaccinated for HPV, doctors would presume families wanted HPV vaccines and announce their children would receive it as part of their daily office visit.

“A doctor is essentially bullying a family into giving this to their child,” remarked #CHDTV host Aimee Villella McBride. “They’re not having a dialogue. They’re not talking about the risks associated with HPV or with the Gardasil shot itself.”

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