Speak Now Or Forever Show Your Papers

Speak Now Or Forever Show Your Papers

Speak Now or Forever Show Your Papers. The direction in which the world (with New York and California leading the way in our own country) is moving as far as showing papers to participate in every day activities, Americans need to really stand their ground and hold the line.

We are excited to have Dr. Michael Huang back with us as a special guest. But his topic will be a little different this evening as Dr. Huang is from Taiwan. His family is from China. His grandparents fought the Japanese during World War II and the Communist Chinese at the same time. So he knows firsthand what communism is. And that is what he will talk about.

Then Mary Holland speaks on how we CAN stop moving in that direction.

Next up, Matthew Oliver, a local pastor and the owner of one of the only restaurants in town that stood their ground during the shutdowns, House of Oliver. Matthew will give us some insight around propaganda and fear. Because that is how they control the population.

And last, but certainly not least, Dr. Brian Hooker, Ph.D. and associate professor of biology who specializes in microbiology and biotechnology, coming out to speak with us about vaccine safety in general. He shared with us some of the results from the recent study he conducted comparing the health of vaccinated versus unvaccinated in pediatric populations. Many know Dr. Brian Hooker from Vaxxed as he was the hero who recorded CDC Whistleblower William Thompson as he came out with his confessions about the lies from the CDC.