South Dakota - Mandate Freedom Rally

South Dakota - Mandate Freedom Rally

On Tuesday, October 26, 2021 brave South Dakota legislators and citizens whose jobs are threatened due to vaccine mandates announced a call for a Special Session of the legislature on November 9, or as soon as possible thereafter, to provide protections for employees.

Senators Jim Stalzer (R-Dist. 11), Al Novstrup (R-Dist. 3), and Maggie Sutton (R-Dist. 10), and Representatives Jon Hansen (R-Dist. 25), Sue Peterson (R-Dist. 13), Marli Wiese (R-Dist. 8 ), and Scott Odenbach (R-Dist. 31) are asking their fellow legislators to provide protections for South Dakota employees subject to termination. Specifically, they seek to codify religious protections and medical exemptions.

Codifying Covid-19 vaccine religious and medical exemptions would be in-line with South Dakota’s long standing exemption policy for vaccine mandates that the state places on both public and private school enrollees and consistent with the protections being passed in other states.