Nov 22, 2023

Pfizer COVID Shot: ‘Nobody Could Have Given Informed Consent’

As the truth surrounding the COVID-19 inoculation campaign continues to unfold, another shocking discovery reveals how the COVID shot manufactured by Pfizer — and injected into millions — appears to be a different formulation than the shot that was used in the clinical trials to determine its safety and efficacy.

“There’s a difference between the disclosed plasmid map from Pfizer and what was actually found,” reported Jessica Rose, Ph.D. “That’s hiding something of great importance.”

If the Pfizer shots distributed to the populace were not the same shots used to gain FDA approval, then neither doctors nor their patients had any way of knowing what was flowing through those needles.

“Nobody could have given informed consent because nobody was informed about this major, major change to the way that the vaccines were manufactured and the fact that they were basically getting a different product, ” reported Joshua Guetzkow.

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