May 25, 2023

‘My Case Was Trivial’: Dr. Bhakdi’s Criminal Charges Took a Backseat to His Concerns About the WHO + the Shots

“I said during the day that I was probably the most relaxed person in court because I was never worried about myself,” professed German microbiologist Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi.

“There were other worries that were so much greater that my personal situation really recedes into — it’s nothing. We’re worried about the WHO. We’re worried about the gene-transforming, so-called vaccinations. Everything else just becomes trivial,” he remarked.

Dr. Bhakdi was acquitted of the two charges against him, incitement of the masses and trivialization of the Holocaust, in only nine hours.

He sent his thanks to the judge and his supporters for saving “the face of honor of German jurisdiction.”

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