Massachusetts — Standing Up for the Next Generation

Massachusetts — Standing Up for the Next Generation

Inspiration and information on the Biblical and historic basis for religious liberty and medical choice regarding vaccine mandates

About this event

Spiritual leaders are unifying along with Children's Health Defense to bring you this CRUCIAL event! Religious Liberty – Freedom of Conscience – is an unalienable right given by our Creator and is not to be removed by civil government! When Tyranny becomes lawful resistance becomes duty!

It’s time for parents, grandparents and concerned citizens to unite; to restore democracy and preserve religious and medical freedoms for our children and future generations. Vaccine mandates have no place in a free society.

Join Us For Fellowship · To Learn · To Activate Speakers to include Dr. Aaron Lewis, Pastor Neil Eaton, Dr. Paul Jehle, Rabbi Henry Morse, Mary Holland, Dr. Meryl Nass and Stephanie Locricchio!