Jan 18, 2024

Life in a Digital Prison: Digital IDs + Social Credit Scores

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Learn More About CHD’S EMR + Wireless Program Through litigation, education and advocacy, we strive to empower individuals to create environments that are conducive to humans, with the best interests of children, health the environment and privacy + liberty in mind.

CHD's EMR Litigation Efforts Learn about our past and present legal actions against the rapid expansion of wireless, outdated exposure guidelines + how we seek to provide relief for those suffering from EMR exposure and the privacy risks of wireless tech.

EMR Advocacy Take action against the rollout of 5G + learn how to limit wireless exposure at home, at school and at work and how to limit the privacy invasion of wireless tech!

EMR Education Take a deep dive into the health and environmental impacts of EMR, the agencies that set regulatory limits and the underlying physics of EMR, 5G + other wireless tech.

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