Jul 9, 2024

Stephen Krahling et al v. Merck & Co Inc. | Oral Arguments | July 9

When: Tuesday, July 9th at 9:30am ET

What: Oral arguments on a case filed originally in 2010, alleging fraud by Merck pertaining to their mumps vaccination campaign.

Who: Stephen Krahling et al v. Merck & Co. Inc.

Where: U.S. 3rd Court of Appeals + LIVE on CHD.TV

‘Philly court to hear appeal on alleged Merck vaccine fraud. Protocol 7 movie to hit local theaters.

‘Since the late ‘90s Merck have known that their mumps vaccine is ineffective. Out of ‘specification’, vaccine production should have stopped, the defective vaccine should have been withdrawn with a product recall, and recipients of the vaccine should have been informed. None of this happened.

‘In Krahling and Wlochowski vs. Merck, company whistleblowers have put compelling evidence of mumps vaccine fraud before the Federal court in Philadelphia. Their story has been told in the award-winning movie Protocol 7 that is set to play at local cinemas the evening before the court hearing…

‘Presented with this evidence of fraud, the Federal judge effectively ruled that it didn’t matter since the government continued purchasing the defective vaccine and, therefore, Merck’s misconduct was not material. But what about the public that has been misled and willfully put at risk?

‘Lack of effectiveness of Merck’s mumps vaccine has led to a growing population of young adults who are not protected. Consequently, the US has experienced multiple outbreaks of mumps in highly vaccinated populations. These attacks occur an age when mumps is a more dangerous disease. Mumps in adults can cause testicular and ovarian inflammation, and infertility, as well and brain inflammation and rarely death.’

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