Apr 15, 2023

Issues of Our Time | SPOTLIGHT Conference | April 15th | 12am PT | 3am ET

Join us in Norway this weekend to look at the events and plans unfolding in front of our eyes. Let's come together and determine what each individual can do to help raise awareness and stop this nightmare.

The web of control mechanisms put in place by the elite striving to achieve the 2030 agenda is getting thicker day by day. Processes are accelerating and decisions that have irreversible impact are being made without our consent. It is important to get together and look at the larger picture; the medical tyranny was not the end but the beginning of the implementation of their plans. The digital control grid, financial control, faux green agenda and many more components are being rolled out without many of our fellow human beings being aware of their ultimate purpose.

Some of the speakers include:

Andrew Bridgen, Member of Parliament, UK

Sonia Elijah, Journalist, UK

Kjetil Evevold, PhD scientist, Norway

Dorothea Gilbert, co-author of the Corman Drosten Review report, Norway

Osrolya Györffy, Executive Director, CHD Europe, Switzerland

Philipp Kruse, Lawyer, Switzerland

Alexandra Latypova, Former Pharmaceutical Executive, USA

Assem Malhotra, Cardiologist, UK

Jacob Nordangård, Researcher, Sweden

Halvor Naess, Professor of Internal Medicine, Norway

Elsa Widding, Member of Parliament, Sweden

The conference will be moderated by Agnieszka Wilson and Jonathan Gilthorpe.

See details of the conference and purchase tickets here: https://www.spotcon.org/

*The opinions expressed by the hosts and guests in this show are not necessarily the views of Children’s Health Defense.

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