Nov 21, 2023

‘Hostile Treatment’: Mother-To-Be Dies After COVID Hospital Protocol

Nicole Charlotte Hardison’s daughter will never know her mother, and COVID-19 hospital protocol is to blame. Hardison was nearly full-term with her first child when she fell ill with COVID.

“In the hospital, doctors gave her remdesivir without her consent. Nicole died of kidney failure,” reported Polly Tommey.

The COVID hospital protocol at that time was the same for every unvaccinated patient, and mother-to-be Nicole was no exception. This “hostile treatment” is not uncommon for the unvaccinated. “We are hearing so many stories like that,” said Polly Tommey on #CHDTV.

“It’s just a horror show. They gave her remdesivir. She ends up on a ventilator. They put her on all kinds of drugs, Polly. Very, very, very potent drugs. There were financial things in place there. And this is just a tragic and arguably, you know, very, very dark story,” concluded Mary Holland.

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