Jun 8, 2023

GOVERNMENT COVER-UP: The MMR Vaccine, Autism, and the Truth the CDC Tried to Bury

“I saw it clear as day that if children receive the MMR vaccine, specifically African American boys, [that] if they receive the MMR vaccine on time, then they are 386% more likely to get an autism diagnosis than if they simply delayed the MMR vaccine until after 36 months of age — or three years of age,” denoted Dr. Brian Hooker.

This information was disclosed to him by former CDC senior researcher Dr. William Thompson, who was “guilt-stricken” after the CDC tried to bury the MMR vaccine-autism connection.

“There were five scientists in total in this particular research team to roll in all the records regarding African American males and the MMR vaccine,” Dr. Hooker continued. “And they summarily put them in blue dumpsters and shred all the evidence. Thank God, one Dr. William Thompson saved all that information, and he shared it with me in 2013 and 2014.”

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