FILM SCREENING — Utah: Safe and Effective? 7pm ET | 4pm PT
"Utah: Safe and Effective?" is a documentary created by a group in Utah called the Health Independence Alliance, and is a grassroots effort to come to terms with the crisis of the last three years. While there are already many documentaries out there that deal with the subject of COVID-19 vaccines, this particular effort is directed towards diagnosing the system of health itself. It interviews Utah's doctors, nurses, and other individuals regarding the rollout of the vaccine, and takes a dive into the institutional forces that held sway behind all this, particularly politics and the profit motive. It looks for a different "cure" for the health system using a threefold "separation of powers". Regardless of political affiliation or nationality, if you are asking questions about the science behind the vaccine, the influence of politics, religion, media and profit motive on the vaccine question - this is the documentary to watch, and more importantly, to apply.

Mar 15, 2023

FILM SCREENING — Utah: Safe & Effective?

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