Jun 12, 2023

Dr. Paul Marik Shakes Up Cancer Dialogue: “What Causes It?”

“Most medical authorities believe that this [cancer] is a genetic disease, and that’s probably not likely true,” attested critical care specialist Dr. Paul Marik. “It’s probably caused by metabolic dysfunction in the cell.”

“And if you consider it a metabolic disease, then it becomes easier to understand how you can treat it,” he continued.

“Otto Warburg, in 1928, discovered that all cancer cells ... are metabolically dysfunctional and require glucose as their prime source of fuel,” Dr. Marik detailed.

“They [cancer cells] cannot use their mitochondria to generate energy. So, the consequence of that is if you deprive the cancer cell of glucose, it actually promotes cell death,” he explained. “So, if you can starve the cancer cell by limiting glucose, you’re going a long way in controlling cancer.”

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