May 17, 2024

CHD Africa: Why Africa Should Vote NO at the WHO | May 17

This is an important public interest webinar on why Africa should vote NO to the International Health Regulations 2005 amendments and a new proposed pandemic treaty/accord/agreement. It features Shabnam Palesa Mohamed, Dr Wahome Ngare, Fahrie Hassan, Dr Shankara Chetty and Prof Reginald Oduor.

Watch the film WHO's Global Power Grab: PART 1: Watch + Share (1hr):

WHO's #GlobalPowerGrab is a must watch two-part film featuring over 100 health freedom advocates and politicians speaking out about the WHO-facilitated corporate power grab. This powerful public interest film was created in South Africa ahead of WHO's World Health Assembly 77 in May 2024.

📍This informative + empowering film highlights: ✅ What is the WHO? Who funds it, where are the conflicts of interests? ✅ Who is its director-general Tedros? How did he come to power? ✅ Understanding the WHO's Power Grab through changing IHR 2005 amendments + a new pandemic treaty ✅ How does this power grab connect to the New World Order + the agenda to erode democracy? ✅ How are politicians responding? Is this an elections issue? ✅ What about the role of mainstream media + factcheckers? ✅ How can We The People resist this global corporate coup?

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*The opinions expressed by the hosts and guests in this show are not necessarily the views of Children’s Health Defense.

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