May 6, 2024



  • Assemblymember Jaime Williams
  • State Senator Alexis Weik
  • Mary Holland, Children’s Health Defense
  • Bobbie Anne Cox, Uniting NYS
  • Tricia Lindsay, Civil rights attorney, Suing Philadelphia for letting minors get shots without parental consent, State Senate candidate
  • Shannon Joy, The Shannon Joy Show
  • James Lyons Weiler, Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge
  • Trammel Thompson, Progressive Action
  • Dana Hensley, Restoring Childhood
  • John Gilmore, Autism Action Network
  • Michael Kane, Teachers for Choice
  • Rita Palma, My Kids My Choice
  • Rich Purtell, Libertarian Party
  • George Garvey, Strongest for Choice
  • Matt Connor, Bravest for Choice
  • Tom Lapolla, Assembly candidate
  • Cely Batista, Cops 4 Freedom and Finest for Choice
  • Margaret Cortese, Medical Professionals for Informed Consent
  • Ayesha Kreutz, Coalition to Protect Kids NY, Frederick Douglass Foundation
  • Brucha Weisberger, Lev Aharon Bikur Cholim
  • Curtis Cost
  • Joe Pinion

Bills to watch in New York

  • S118/A6676, Restores the religious exemption to attend school
  • S4316/A6451, Allows people injured by vaccines required by the State to sue the State
  • S5715/A4460, Requires parents to be present when vaccines are administered
  • A3997/S1636, Prohibits mandatory COVID shots for work or college
  • A6761, Would allow any medical treatment, including surgery, to be done to children without parental knowledge or consent
  • S1531, Would make inclusion of all adult vaccine records, or lack of records, mandatory in a state database
  • S762a/A276b, Allows vaccines for STDs to be given to minors without parental knowledge or consent
  • A2125/S8113, Repeals religious exemptions for college and work
  • A1811/S1945, Mandatory flu shots for pre-K-12 school
  • S6103, Vaccines for 14-year-olds without parental consent
  • A2905, NYS Health. Dept. should not make medical exemptions decisions
  • S624, No mandatory COVID shots for college students

*The opinions expressed by the hosts and guests in this show are not necessarily the views of Children’s Health Defense.

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