Oct 20, 2023

Attorney to Pfizer Clinical Trial Whistleblower: ‘Not an Effective Product and Pfizer Knew It’

Psst … @Pfizer — today’s the deadline for your motion to dismiss @iambrookjackson’s lawsuit ...

“The evidence for fraud in the inducement is that at every single stage of the process, Pfizer knew they had information they materially withheld from the American people, the American taxpayer, or the American government,” says attorney for Jackson, Robert Barnes (@barnes_law).

“This is not an effective product whatsoever … and Pfizer knew it. They had the clinical trial data,” co-counsel Warner Mendenhall (@MendenhallFirm) stated. “If you look at the 30,000 foot view of their overall data, it's just not there.”

“ [The] consequences have been horrendous for millions of people who decided that, based on their informed consent, they wanted nothing to do with this, and then they got fired,” says Warner. “So that's a whole other problem that we have in society that we've got to address.”

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