Jun 30, 2023

Andrew Wakefield: We Should Be Concerned About Measles. Measles Is Not the Same Disease as It Was Before Vaccination

A study from a blood transfusion unit in Boca Raton evaluating measles virus antibody titers revealed an alarming 3-fold decline over the 59 years following mass vaccination, while donors exposed to natural measles maintained excellent levels of neutralizing antibodies.

“Because of being vaccinated, and not receiving the live virus itself, they were no longer protected,” Wakefield explains. "This is really alarming. These ostensibly healthy individuals had no neutralizing antibody to measles virus."

“This is an escape mutant ... It’s the vaccine that got us into this problem in the first place, and it will not get us out of it…it’s a very, very concerning situation.”

Watch the full breakdown by Dr. Andrew Wakefield on #CHDTV!

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