Nov 1, 2023

Africa Pharma Terror: 9-Month-Old Paralyzed, Blind + Brain-Damaged After Yellow Fever Vaccine

After a routine yellow fever vaccination in Cameroon, Africa, 9-month-old baby Grace went unconscious and “lost use of her limbs, before becoming completely blind” with “irreversible brain damage.” The vaccine-induced injury was confirmed by a pediatric neurologist in India before the Cameroon Department of Health turned a blind eye to baby Grace’s severe adverse reaction and abandoned the traumatized family.

“If the Minister of Health who is supposed to … protect the children can come out and lie against an innocent baby in this terrible situation of health, then I don’t think there is hope for the young in Cameroon at all,” mother Ndzelen Bomki Ivoline lamented on #CHDTV.

What is the government hiding? According to Ivoline’s husband, “They don’t want people to be aware of this situation, and our life is 100% at risk.”

*The opinions expressed by the hosts and guests in this show are not necessarily the views of Children’s Health Defense.

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